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University of Guelph, Ridgetown

Campus – Equine Industry Programs

The following academic programs are delivered by Ridgetown Campus teaching staff at REACH Huron in Clinton, Ontario:

-          Equine Care and Management Diploma – Year 1

-          Performance Horse Handler Certificate

Associate Diploma in Equine Care and Management

This unique program is perfect for equine enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into a career. In this program you will learn about equine nutrition, reproduction, health, conditioning, and management. You will gain extensive equine theory combined with applied knowledge and broaden your equine business, finance, and management skills.


  • Combination of in-depth equine theory and applied business courses

  • Practical training with horses from various areas of the equine industry

  • Small class size results in an excellent student-teacher ratio

  • Includes a four-week industry work placement at the end of semester four


  • Learn key equine-related and business skills needed to succeed in a career in the equine or agribusiness industry

  • Learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors

Program Delivery Location

Year 1 delivery location (semesters 1 and 2) of this program are delivered at REACH Huron in Clinton, ON.

Year 2 delivery location (semesters 3

and 4) are delivered at Ridgetown

Campus in Ridgetown, ON.

Performance Horse Handler Certificate

Do you have a love for horses? Are you interested in the performance horse industry? Do you want to learn about working with competition horses?

The Performance Horse Handler Certificate program is designed to provide graduates with the technical knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s equine industry.

This one-year program prepares students to work in dressage, show jumping, racing, reining, breeding and other stables, and competitive venues where experienced horse handling is required. Students will be exposed to the preparation and maintenance of horses for competition, learn the principles of horse behaviour and safe horse handling, and carry out duties such as feeding, grooming and caring for performance horses in a teaching barn as well as in the field.


  • Studies in horse behaviour, nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and care

  • Practical and applied learning through lectures and labs

  • Hands-on training with horses from various sectors of the equine industry

  • Small class size results in an excellent student-teacher ratio

  • Includes two work placements in different industry sectors prior to program completion


  • Learn key skills to help you succeed in a career in the equine industry

  • Work with horses throughout your training program

  • Two industry work placements will give students comprehensive work experience before graduating

  • Begin working in an industry you enjoy after just one year of studies

  • Diversified job placement opportunities


Come check these programs out at Red Carpet Day in November 2019, date to be determined.  Or schedule a personal tour by contacting Samantha Tapper at 519.482.3998 ext. 1497